More Than Just A Game

Can you make it to the recycling center before using your last unit of oxygen? Do you know what percentage of the world’s energy the United States uses?

A new board game that combines environmental trivia with actual planet-saving activities has hit the store shelves. While playing Earth Alert, participants can learn about recycling, rainforests, conservation, pollution, and the ozone layer. And they can also have fun.                                                     chickengardenerclipart

Creators Michael Schiller and Michael Stusser say they developed the game to raise consciousness about the Earth and illustrate ways in which individuals can make a difference.

“Along with fun, we offer solutions,” Stusser said. “The ..

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Wilder Wheelright is an East Coast native currently residing on the Central Coast of California. He is an experienced real estate broker, writer, and has a strong commitment to preserving and improving our environment.