Innovative Recycling Ideas

Try some of these ideas before you toss out used products:

Five Best Eco-Boutiques in Los Angeles

Modern must-haves include pillows and totes made of woven recycled soda tabs, sculptural wooden trees, sea-inspired soaps by Savonnerie and w…

Recycling used equipment

Greenpeace also applies to this article recycled wood products as environmentally friendly source of timber for most owing to their websites. The arrival of recycled wood in the construction sector and consumer products are important to …

ood bead necklaces by Nathalie Costes. Filling your wardrobe and home with goods from these

Artsy bloggers roundup for July 11-2008

Last week, I carved 2 tatting shuttles from some recycled wood. I broke one of the tatting shuttles and recycled it into a very spiffy necklace. And now, I’m debating about the cord for the necklace. Opinions are welcome! …

Going Green: 10 Tips for Eco-Friendly Exhibiting

Good ideas include cotton or hemp tote bags, food in recycled-paper wrapping instead of plastic, recycled plastic Frisbees, pens and other items, and ceramic mugs. Stay away from plastic bags, wood, and non-recycled materials. …

Recycled Wood and Plastic Rings!

Here’s a nice array of recycled wood and plastic rings that might just go well with your green outlook. via greatgreengoods. array, Eco-Friendly and Green Rings, Plastic Rings, Plastic Rings, recycled wood, Wooden Rings.

There are a lot of innovative folks with earth-friendly ideas…good to know!recyclin[


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