How Did California Grape Stakes Get To Be So Mature?

When they first started growing grapes in the Central Valley, redwood was plentiful, cheap, and it was the best stuff because it had never been cut before. I think they were cutting down trees that were 100’s of years old. Huge mothers, red in color throughout the tree.

At some point no doubt someone or other had the foresight to plant new trees , which are now being cut to service the demand for Redwood today and they aren’t red throughout because they aren’t really mature and they have white streaking through them.

Anyway, I guess back in the day when Redwood was plentiful, if a tree wasn’t shaped just right or maybe from limbs they would somehow split lengths from the trees and cut them into pieces that were suitable to holding up a grapevine. That’s why they call them grape stakes so they aren’t actually trees but they are pieces of trees.

Wilder Wheelwright

December 2007


Wilder Wheelright is an East Coast native currently residing on the Central Coast of California. He is an experienced real estate broker, writer, and has a strong commitment to preserving and improving our environment.