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Recycling for Charity

While recycling itself is a worthwhile endeavor, when intertwined with charitable organizations, its power for good is taken to far greater heights. A perfect example has been under way in St. Petersburg, Fla., for several years now. By picking up used paper donated by various companies and eventually hauling it to a local paper company, […]

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Can You Read This? It Is Written On Elephant Dung

  Recycle…recycle…what can we recycle?  I have been cleaning the back yard from my dog’s droppings and just never thought,"Wow!  Looks like papyrus!" I just got no imagination.  But then again, the little droppings don’t add up to the piles of , um, …stuff! the people in Africa have encountered.  And not only are they […]

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Innovative Recycling Ideas

Try some of these ideas before you toss out used products: Five Best Eco-Boutiques in Los Angeles Modern must-haves include pillows and totes made of woven recycled soda tabs, sculptural wooden trees, sea-inspired soaps by Savonnerie and w… Recycling used equipment Greenpeace also applies to this article recycled wood products as environmentally friendly source of […]

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