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More Than Just A Game

Can you make it to the recycling center before using your last unit of oxygen? Do you know what percentage of the world’s energy the United States uses? A new board game that combines environmental trivia with actual planet-saving activities has hit the store shelves. While playing Earth Alert, participants can learn about recycling, rainforests, […]

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Innovative Recycling Ideas

Try some of these ideas before you toss out used products: Five Best Eco-Boutiques in Los Angeles Modern must-haves include pillows and totes made of woven recycled soda tabs, sculptural wooden trees, sea-inspired soaps by Savonnerie and w… Recycling used equipment Greenpeace also applies to this article recycled wood products as environmentally friendly source of […]

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Rooftop Greenhouses

Transforming useless, black rooftops into prosperous, green gardens — that is the goal of Dr. Paul Mankiewicz. As director of the Gaia Institute, an environmental research group in New York City, he has designed a unique greenhouse which solves the complexities of gardening on rooftops and will provide fresh produce for thousands of residents below. […]

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