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More Than Just A Game

Can you make it to the recycling center before using your last unit of oxygen? Do you know what percentage of the world’s energy the United States uses? A new board game that combines environmental trivia with actual planet-saving activities has hit the store shelves. While playing Earth Alert, participants can learn about recycling, rainforests, […]

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Rooftop Greenhouses

Transforming useless, black rooftops into prosperous, green gardens — that is the goal of Dr. Paul Mankiewicz. As director of the Gaia Institute, an environmental research group in New York City, he has designed a unique greenhouse which solves the complexities of gardening on rooftops and will provide fresh produce for thousands of residents below. […]

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Solar Gadgets and Gizmos

There are thousands of different solar powered gadgets available from solar mailboxes to solar watches and more. Solar powered gadgets are getting cheaper as the solar panel technology improves and gets less expensive to manufacture. Heres a few of the innovative solar gadgets available on the market today and some examples of specific solar powered […]

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