Can You Read This? It Is Written On Elephant Dung


Recycle…recycle…what can we recycle?  I have been cleaning the back yard from my dog’s droppings and just never thought,"Wow!  Looks like papyrus!"

I just got no imagination.  But then again, the little droppings don’t add up to the piles of , um, …stuff! the people in Africa have encountered.  And not only are they taking care of it, they have made some crazy s—!

They turn elephant dung into charming paper gifts like stationery, journals, and noteboxes.

The elephants’ responses have been helpful;   they continue to donate over 200 pounds of dung per day, each.

Seriously, this is yet another great idea that deserves a nod.  What is really wonderful is that a portion of proceeds benefit elephant welfare (something some African governments have failed to do in the past).

Please visit

I know where I’ll be shopping.

Special thanks to PSFK; always in the know.

Here is a video showing how paper is made from dung:

They don’t chew their food very well!


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