Baby Boomers Going Green

Five ways to help our environment and our pocketbooks

1. Shop locally. By shopping locally, you are not only helping with your area’s economy, you

are reducing the amount of emissions put in the air by not having to drive to a different town.

Also try shopping at your local farmers market, which will help the environment by reducing

the number of vegetables that have to be shipped into your county.
2. Say bye-bye to bottled water. Bottled water is expensive, and emissions from the plants

that bottle the water is harmful to the environment. So skip the bottled water and go for a

home purification unit. Many systems can be attached to your kitchen faucet, refrigerator water

dispenser, and several companies offer a pitcher that can filter the water.

3. Opt for rechargeables. Between remote controls for various electronics in the home, not

to mention hand-held video games, Americans go through millions of batteries a year. Most

of these batteries end up in our landfills. Now, most sizes of batteries come in rechargeables,

and only cost a few extra dollars more, and can be recharged hundreds of times. Also Buying

rechargeable batteries saves on the amount of cardboard and plastic packaging used.

4. Skip the drive-thru. Even though time saving and convenient, the extra fuel exhaust

that is released into the atmosphere while waiting for your order is harmful to the environment.

So instead of sitting inline and burning up extra fuel, simply park your vehicle and walk inside.

5. Audio Books . We have a lot to be grateful for when talking about technology. Who would have

ever believed that not only would we cut down on the way we use up our vegetation for making

hardcover and paperback books, we would also be able to “listen” to our books instead of “reading”

them. Ironic? Not with the introduction of audio books. With audio books, we now have the unique advantage of doing other things that take up our hands, but not our minds. We can now do other

things like household chores, exercising, driving or riding in a vehicle, etc while still having the book

read to us.

t.e. bradshaw

Source: Baby Boomers Going Green


Wilder Wheelright is an East Coast native currently residing on the Central Coast of California. He is an experienced real estate broker, writer, and has a strong commitment to preserving and improving our environment.