Algae Oil Can Provide Power

I just heard (for the first time) of algae oil, having power producing capabilities. I was watching the news Sunday morning, and saw a story about a guy named Glenn Kurtz in El Paso Tx.

He says that he can produce 100,000 gallons of fuel per acre per year. Compare that to corn at only 20 to 30 gallons of fuel per acre per year!

Moving our country towards corn for fuel is just plain stupid, and most rational people already know that corn is not the answer , but this sounds like it has real potential.

Even better, you can grow it in the desert, in otherwise productive land. He claims that if we took land about 1/10th the size of New Mexico, and devoted it to algae production, we could meet all the transportation needs of the US.

I found a three part seies of interviews with the guy, and here they are…

[flash ]

Here’s part two –

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And finally, part three…

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Wow, amazing stuff – but will this really come to fruition? What do you think?Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

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