About Us

There are a lot of people committed to re-using, recycling, and finding new uses for old products. We think it’s not only fun, but encourages responsibility for taking care of our environment.

The business began when there were plenty of mature, aged redwood and cedar grape stakes being replaced with metal. The aged wood has a patina and strength not found in new growth. We found it makes really attractive fencing and awnings. We have used it for other patio, deck and outdoor projects.

Over time as opportunities have arisen, we have been producing recycled raisin trays as decorative items and serving trays, and recently added reclaimed wood furniture to the product line.

You can even find great ways to re-purpose reclaimed wood and recycled products for inside the home.

Clients include anyone from the do-it-yourselfers to interior designers and landscape architects.

Contact us as the inventory is always changing and we may be able to help you find what you need, or get something designed for you. If you have grape stakes for sale yourself, contact us as we are always looking for inventory. Thanks.

“The Grape Stakes Guy” Wilder Wheelwright

11 Via Castanada Monterey, CA (831) 601-0619

email:  admin@grapestakesforsale.com

Company value: “The Mostest for the Leastest”

Wilder Wheelwright is committed to environmentally-friendly practices. Wilder’s background includes finance and real estate.

Scott Johnson creates the furniture and raisin trays. See more of his work at johnsonarts.us

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