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Grape Stakes For Fencing, Siding and More. Here in California, you can still find quality grape stakes. We have a wide variety of suppliers!

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The wood used in these grape stakes is mature, aged redwood and cedar.  The redwood has a patina it gets with age, and older redwood is much stronger and more durable.

We have a lot of requests and a lot of resources. Located in Central California in the Monterey Bay, there is a good chance your grape stakes can be delivered.


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    Grape stakes run approximately 50 cents a foot, usable. At this time old growth redwood stakes are disappearing like ice melts from glaciers.

    Currently we have plenty of 4 to 5 foot tall stakes, but 6 footers are scarce.

    Unlike Global Warming there is nothing we can do to make an impact on our past, but by using these stakes and similar resources we have a positive impact overall. The more fences that can be made from old stuff…

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    The preferred method of holding up grape vines in the 20th century was to use grape stakes made of high grade old growth redwood or cedar. The stakes were split off from large pieces of old growth clear wood and cut into lengths ranging from 4 to 6 feet and measuring 2 to 3 inches wide.

    These beautiful pieced antiquities are virtually indestructible and did a great job at performing their intended purpose.

    In recent years many growers have taken out their grapes and replaced them with more profitable crops such as almonds and pomegranates. In addition to this, mechanical harvesting has become the predominant method of picking and thus has necessitated using metal in place of the redwood. I have also found some beautiful furniture crafted with reclaimed wood by Scott Johnson.

    • Shown atop the table is a smaller end table type which can be used on top of a table or desk to add usable horizontal space.
    As a result of these changes I have been able to acquire a large number of old, (I’m guessing the age but they are mature) 50 year or more years, old-growth redwood and cedar weathered grape stakes that have either been replaced by metal or no longer needed to hold up grapes.

    They are just as strong as ever and make beautiful fences. The quality of old-growth trees as compared to the “saplings” is far superior. Most of the stakes I get probably are of antique vintage.

    I can’t say for sure, but many of them were put into service form as far back as the early to mid 1900’s from as near I can tell. I recommend people consider exposing the redwood on one side by cutting the stakes down the middle. That way you not only get the benefit of the patina of the weathered side, you also can enjoy the beauty of the clear old wood. Plus you only need half as many stakes to do the job.

    We have designed several fence configurations that we offer pre-made in 3 to 8 foot wide sections of varying heights and dimensions, depending on your needs. The beauty of most of the grape stake fences I’ve seen is in their simplicity and ability to grow old and never lose their dignity.

    Custom Made by Scott Johnson with Reclaimed Products

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    This is our Double Decker model which will securely hold and display 10 bottles. We can make triple or quadruple stacks, or custom fit to your cabinets or wine safe.

    Custom sizes available.Buy Now

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    Not only does good wine improve with age………. ! Many of the old grape stake fences in Carmel use only grape stakes for framing and everything. No concrete or pressure treated framing lumber needed. We have several Carmel Style fences that we for the most part assemble and deliver ready for you to install.

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