This simple wine rack securely nestles four 750 ml bottles.
Here is our five-bottle rack atop a raisin drying tray (available separately) - this size is amply suitable for heavy entertaining.5 bagger with wine on raisin trayThis is our Double Decker model which will securely hold and display 10 bottles.  We can make triple or quadruple stacks, or custom fit to your cabinets or wine safe.This array of wine racks shows a pair of five-bottle racks and a four-bottle model.Here is the bare-bones oak slat rack ready to readily store your four wine bottles close to hand.Shown here is the four bottle wine rack atop a vintage raisin drying tray, which can be purchased separately.This rack will stow four bottles - we can customize your rack to hold fewer or more bottles.This view shows the two and three bottle racks broken down for storage or shipment.  Depending upon capacity, these racks break down into the size of a couple of rulers.Here is a hundred or so of the oak flavor slats in the raw as they come to us direct from the vintners.

Wine Bottle Rack

Product Description

These table-top wine racks are made from seasoned oak flavor slats. Slats used to infuse wine with oak elements; as such, its new job holding your wine bottles conveniently to hand is in harmony with its lineage.

These racks accommodate 750 ml bottles of wine, naturally, we can customize your rack to to fit more or fewer bottles.

Please call (831) 601-0619 for pricing – price depends upon rack size and quantity.


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