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Take a look at these beautiful grapestakes and fencing designs:

Here in California, you can still buy quality grape stakes. Where to buy grape stakes is easy as well.  The wood used in these grape stakes is mature, aged redwood and cedar.  The redwood has a patina it gets with age, and older redwood is much stronger and more durable.

We have a lot of requests and a lot of resources. Located in Central California in the Monterey Bay, there is a good chance your grape stakes can be delivered.

New!  Pre-Made Grape Stakes Fencing
pre-made redwood fencingExample fencing pictured at left.

This is an easy way to get your grapestake and redwood fencing up quickly; your fencing is delivered ready to assemble.

Please contact us for details: Call Wilder Wheelwright at (831) 601-0619, or John Wheelwright at (831) 277-3953. Completion and delivery times vary according to project scope.

grape stakes fencing


The preferred method of holding up grape vines in the 20th century was to use grape stakes made of high grade old growth redwood or cedar. The stakes were split off from large pieces of old growth clear wood and cut into lengths ranging from 4 to 6 feet and measuring 2 to 3 inches wide.

These beautiful pieced antiquities are virtually indestructible and did a great job at performing their intended purpose.

In recent years many growers have taken out their grapes and replaced them with more profitable crops such as almonds and pomegranates. In addition to this, mechanical harvesting has become the predominant method of picking and thus has necessitated using metal in place of the redwood.

I have also found some beautiful raisin trays like this one:                          

As a result of these changes I have been able to acquire a large number of old, (I’m guessing the age but they are mature) 50 year or more years, old-growth redwood and cedar weathered grape stakes that have either been replaced by metal or no longer needed to hold up grapes. They are just as strong as ever and make beautiful fences. The quality of old-growth trees as compared to the “saplings” is far superior.

Most of the stakes I get probably are of antique vintage. I can’t say for sure, but many of them were put into service form as far back as the early to mid 1900’s from as near I can tell. I recommend people consider exposing the redwood on one side by cutting the stakes down the middle. That way you not only get the benefit of the patina of the weathered side, you also can enjoy the beauty of the clear old wood. Plus you only need half as many stakes to do the job.

We have designed several fence configurations that we offer pre-made in 3 to 8 foot wide sections of varying heights and dimensions, depending on your needs. The beauty of most of the grape stake fences I’ve seen is in their simplicity and ability to grow old and never lose their dignity.

Not only does good wine improve with age………. ! Many of the old grape stake fences in Carmel use only grape stakes for framing and everything. No concrete or pressure treated framing lumber needed. We have several Carmel Style fences that we for the most part assemble and deliver ready for you to install.

A classic Ford Tractor:  (Please contact me, Wilder, if interested)

blue tractor

Call us at (831) 601-0619

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  1. Fred Badal says:

    I need a dozen. What would be the cost and where can I pick them up?

  2. Bev kinley says:

    Looking for 175 rustic grape stakes (5′).
    Can you quote a price plus shipping to Arkansas?

  3. bud says:

    Wildman, the Elder,

    I Will be in PACIFIC GROVE starting the 2nd of MAy thru the 15th

  4. Jack says:

    I have about 17,000 grape stakes for sale. Call me if you are interested, Redwood with moss/lichen

    Hollister Ca.

  5. Ρeculiаr article, juѕt what I wanteԁ to fіnd.

  6. Very excellent information can be found on website . “I believe in nothing, everything is sacred. I believe in everything, nothing is sacred.” by Tom Robbins.

  7. pokertips says:

    I would like to buy 292537 suns please for 125660

  8. tim says:

    what is the cost for 50 feet of 5' grape stakes picked up at your place in monterey?  About how many grape stakes would this include.  I need stakes in decent condition with patina and age (reying, etc.) paramount.

  9. mark ohanis says:

    I have 20 redwood grape trays, minimum 70years old in good shape.   What is approximate retail value, unpainted.  Thanks

  10. gina says:

    my aunt has a few dozen old split redwood fenceposts from 50 yrs ago,which have been stacked upon an old horsedrawn wagon..she hope's to find someone who wants them..can you help? gina

  11. Barb Roberts says:

    I need about 115   6-foot redwood grape stakes.  The ones being matched were put in before 1950. What would the cost be per stake? Can you quote with and without delivery as I live in Oakland and may pick them up.  

  12. Michael Rank says:

    Hello, what is the cost delivered to Pismo Beach for approximately 1500 5' redwood grape stakes. Thanks.

  13. Rhoda White says:

    We live in San Diego and need to replace 30-40 feet of our decades-old grape stake fense (narrow/pointed tops) in cedar or redwood.  Do you know of a local source (salvage or new) for us to find some?  They need to be 5 feet tall.  If you have enough and ship them, can you please quote  price for good-quality one?

  14. Patrick says:

    Just looking for grape stakes to use as grape stakes. I'd need around 850. Can you give me a quote on that?

  15. Karl Weilamd says:

    I am interested in your pricing for grape stakes. I need a few hundred 4-6′ stakes. Thanks

  16. my husband and i are interested in purchasing some grape stakes to grow grapes..what is your cost. the length of our arbor will be 11ft.long and you ship to south florida? thanks so much…rachael and lucky

  17. Ray Peterson says:

    I would like to purchase probably 50 or more 8' grape stakes for an awning.  What would be the cost and could they be shipped to Northern Colorado?  Thank   Ray

  18. P. Troia says:

    I have grape stakes in use since about 1949. Do you buy them from homeowners?

  19. Rita Dunker says:

    I am looking for wood grape stake for repairs to an existing fence.  Need maybe 2 dozen or so.
    Do you know of a location close to Lodi, CA who sells this product?

  20. Kris Dahlin says:

    I just came upon your site here. We sell reclaimed wood down here in Venice, Ca. Grape stakes are certainly reclaimed. Maybe we can add some to our mix? We just had a truckload of 2×6 fencing trucked in from No Cal. We are always looking for barnwood if you come across any in your travels.

  21. Kim/Jim says:

    We finally made a decision for our front yard perimeter fencing, grape stakes!
    Per your request here is the 'test e-mail' you asked us to send you…

  22. ww says:


  23. kkharrison says:

    Hi Wilder

    Hope you are getting these messages!


  24. BK says:

    Hi. Do you purchase old grape stakes? I have some to sell. They are probably 80 years old, originally out of a field in Selma, CA. Redwood, beautiful inside. Creosote doesn’t bother you? I’ve used some to make platforms for my container garden, and they hold 150 pounds, easy, and they haven’t so much as blinked in five years. No change, even in wet conditions. Please let me know if you are interested.

  25. BZSonora says:

    Hi…I’m trying to contact you to purchase redwood grape stakes…you pick the length! where are you located? What is the cost? My friends, Matt & Sarah Nesper, purchased stakes from you for a landscaping project. It’s worked out very well.

  26. scott says:

    hello, What is the going rate for used grape stakes? What can one charge for used grape stakes, in bundles of 25 & 50? (in fare condition). thank you.

  27. Kai Larson says:

    I’m interested in about 100 x 5′ grape stakes.

    Can you let me know what you would charge?


  28. julie fulkerson says:

    Hi there, we just talked. Let me know if you get this message.

    I look forward to the photos.

    thanks sooooo much.


  29. Howard Rosen says:

    What is the cost for 1000, 5ft long grape stakes delivered to Venice, CA 90291?

    What is the average cross section dimension of the grape stakes?

    Thank you,
    Howard Rosen

  30. scott miller says:

    I live in oakland and am looking for 6ft grape steaks.Any ideas????

  31. At the moment I don’t have any 6 footers.They’re really hard to come by these days in 6 foot lenghts. I have lots of 5 footers. I haven’t shipped any across country as yet, but I have looked into it and I believe it can be done. Can you due with 5 footers?

    Wilder Wheelwright

  32. Perry Riechmann says:

    I am interested in using grape stakes for an awaning. I would need stakes atleast 6 foot long. How would you price something like that? Can you ship an order to Illinois?

    Perry Riechmann

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